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Texas Hill Country Mobile Mixers is a concrete supplier serving residents and commercial contractors throughout Kendall and Bexar County and its surrounding areas. Each volumetric concrete truck is capable of mixing on-site and pouring any job, small or large with no waste or excess concrete. Our concrete truck can carry all of the necessary concrete ingredients in separate bins, we have the capability to travel as far as our customer needs without the worry of the concrete setting up inside the truck, as opposed to the standard tumble drum trucks. This also means that when you are done pouring we can stop the mixing auger and the customer is only charged for what they poured. This removes the hassle of trying to calculate the volume of concrete you might need for your sidewalk, patio deck, slab, etc. Our consumers can always count on fresh and accurate concrete.


Every concrete truck is most capable at small pours but we also have the ability to set-up for large residential or commercial pours. With our portable silo and loaders, we can have materials delivered to the jobsite and produce the concrete of your specification and at your pace.Our on-site production cuts out the wait time associated with the ready mix concrete truck traveling to and from the batch plant. Since our concrete is being mixed on-site, we can speed up or slow down production as well as adjust slump and mix design as needed to suit your needs. No matter how remote your jobsite may be, you are always guaranteed fresh concrete improving workability.Our flowable fill is perfect for utility contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc.. We can custom mix the flowable to your specifications whether you need to a rapid setting mix or just basic fill mud. If you require specialty mixed concrete, we will send a concrete truck equipped with an admix tank that allows us to add chemicals such as plasticizers, retarders, etc. We can also provide colored concrete to meet your needs as well.

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